13—19 October

Lisbon Docs - International Financing and Co-production Forum is one of the main workshop & pitching events for documentary in Portugal. In its 20th edition, it establishes itself as a reference for professionals looking for new tools and strategies to finance and co-produce their documentary projects.

The International Forum is organised by
Apordoc - Portuguese Documentary Association and EDN - European Documentary Network, with the support of MEDIA Creative Europe Programme and ICA - Portuguese Audiovisual Institute/ Portuguese Government - State Secretariat for Culture.


10th September 2019

The official project selection for Lisbon Docs 2019 is now confirmed and published! We are very happy to announce the 21 selected projects that will take part on our workweek starting the 13th October.

Final pitching sessions are open to the general public; it's an opportunity to see the result work between tutors and participants as well as the dynamic with our international specialists panel. The Pitchings take place the 18th and 19th October between 9.00am and 1.00 pm at the Small Auditorium at Culturgest.

Director: Gustav Ågerstrand
Producer: Marina-Evelina Cracana
Production Company: Film and Tell
Country: Sweden

Antoine de Paris
Director: Sebastiano d'Ayala Valva
Producer: Nicolas Lesoult
Production Company: Les Films de la Butte
Country: France

Caught In Traffic
Director: Patricia van Heerden
Creative Producer: Mosibudi Pheeha
Executive Producer: Cheryl Uys-Allie
Production Company: Forward Films Africa
Country: South Africa

East Of Town
Director/Producer: Kathrin Seward
Director/Producer: Ole Elfenkaemper
Country: Germany

Eva's Mission
Director/Producer: Martha Van Der Bly
Production Company: Rose Rebel Productions
Country: The Netherlands

Iá-Iá My Grandmother Cesária Évora
Director: Ana Sofia Fonseca
Producer: Irina Calado
Production Company: Carrossel Productions
Country: Portugal

Director/Producer: Vivek Chaudhary
Production Company: Unek Films
Country: India

In Sanity
Director: Tomáš Koucký
Producer: Vít Hašek
Production Company: Cofilm
Country: Czech Republic

Nanga Dream
Producer: Karolina Śmigiel
Production Company: Uni-Solo Studio
Country: Poland

Neo Guru — Confessions of a
s Crystal Child

Director/Producer: Élisabeth Feytit
Producer: Tancrède Ramonet
Production Company: Temps Noir
Country: France

Pelikan Blue
Producer: Ádám Felszeghy
Production Company: Umbrella Entertainment
Country: Hungary

Sark: Democratic Crises,
Feudal Dreams

Director: Will Saunders
Producer: James Proctor
Production Company: High Altitude Films
Country: UK

Director: Camilo Castillo
Production Company: Colorlocalmedia
Country: Colombia

So, Where the Hell is My Prince Charming?
Director: Sonja Rakić
Producer: Ana Renovica
Production Company: 888 Films
Country: Serbia

Surf on, Europe!
Director/Producer: Constantin Gross
Director/Producer: Lukas Steinbrecher
Production Company: VeyVey Films
Country: Germany

Surrogate Mother
Producer: Laura Sinovčić
Production Company: Four Film Ltd.
Country: Croatia

The Gourougou Trial
Director/Producer: Simón Casal de Miguel
Country: Spain

The Mission
Director: Tania Moilanen
Producer: Isabella Karhu
Production Company: Danish Bear Productions
Country: Finland

The Space Island
Director: José Manuel Abrantes
Producer: Virgílio Ferreira
Producer: Saul Neves
Production Company: West Coast Films
Country: Portugal

The Therapy
Director/Producer: Zvi Landsman
Country: Israel

XiXi Director: Fan Wu
Producer: Venice Atienza
Production Company: Svemirko Film Productions
Country: Philippines/Taiwan


Workshop Sessions
14th - 16th October

The first three days of Lisbon Docs 2019 are dedicated to workshop sessions with tutors, who will work with the participants, developing individual strategies to present the film project to potential financiers and co-producers. The tools developed during the workshop will help participants to access the international film market.

The 2019 edition of Lisbon Docs welcomes the following tutors:

Graça Castanheira
Director | Portugal

John Appel
Director and Commissioning Editor |
The Netherlands

Lucinda Broadbent
Media Co-op | UK

Mark Daems
Associate Directors | Belgium

Michael Davie
Director, Producer, Cinematographer | Australia

Nick Ware
Producer and Former Commissioning Editor | France

Rudolph Herzog
Director/Producer | Germany

Story Editor

Pitching Sessions
Culturgest Small Auditorium
18th and 19th October 2019

After three days of workshop the participants present their documentary film projects to potential financiers and co-producers. The panel of experts features professionals coming from well known companies and institutions. After each pitching session, participants have the opportunity to meet individually with the panel experts to discuss potential collaborations.

Pitching sessions are open to the general public and entrance is free limited to the number of available seats.

Tickets must be collected before each session, when entering the auditorium.

The 2019 edition of Lisbon Docs welcomes the following experts for the pitching panel:

Agnieszka Balicka-Domanska
TVP | Broadcaster | Poland

Anette Dujisin
FilmIn | Digital Platform | Portugal

Depi Vrettou
ERT | Broadcaster | Greece

Jasmin Basic
Visions du Réel | Festival | Switzerland

Jenny Westergaard
Yle | Broadcaster | Finland

Jess Gormley
The Guardian | News Outlet | UK

Jiri Vlach
Czech Television | Broadcaster | Czech Republic

Choy Lin Mok
TRT World | Broadcaster | Turkey

Olivier Tournaud
Cinephil | Distributor | Israel

Robert Salvestrin
Lucky You | Distributor | France


I have a documentary project.
How can I apply?

Applications for Lisbon Docs 2019 are open until 30th July.

To present a project, candidates must send to

Download our Lisbon Docs application form and complete all required fields.;

a two-page presentation (including synopsis, state of development, budget and contact information);

visual materials of the film (stills, trailer or film clips).

Participation fee is €350 per project and €250 for each additional participant. Apordoc associates benefit from a 20% discount. EDN members receive a discount of 100 Euro on the participation fee for the first person connected to a project and 50 Euro for the second and third person of the project team (if attending with more than one person).

I don’t have a documentary project, but I would like to participate on the Forum. Can I apply?

Every year Lisbon Docs reserves a number of seats for those interested in attending the workshop without a film project.

To apply for an observer seat, candidates must send to

a professional and/or academic resume;

a motivation letter.

Participating fee is €250 per person. Apordoc associates benefit from a 20% discount. EDN members receive a discount of 100 Euro on the participation fee for the first person connected to a project and 50 Euro for the second and third person of the project team (if attending with more than one person).

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